4 Telltale Signs Your Building Needs an HVAC Replacement

Your commercial property deserves an HVAC system that can keep it comfortable and efficient all-year-round. But it will fail at some point, and then not even repairs or maintenance will cut it. So how exactly do you tell when your building needs a new heating and cooling system? The premier HVAC installation company, Custom Air Systems, shares some of the warning signs to watch out for below:

1. Obvious aging. If your building’s HVAC unit is already looking like a hunk of rusted metal, it might already be past its expected life expectancy. You’ll know this is the case if it’s not heating or cooling your building properly anymore. Check the age of your HVAC unit–if it’s 15 years old or older, it’s likely that you’ll need to have it replaced soon.

2. Performance issues. With prompt repair, most HVAC issues can be easily mitigated. But when you find yourself having your building’s heating and cooling system repaired every few months and it’s obvious that the problems are serious, you should consider a replacement. Schedule an appointment with the premier air conditioning company, Custom Air Systems, promptly. In addition to residential heating repair, we can also take care of your commercial HVAC needs.

3. Increased energy costs. If you’ve noticed that your building’s utility costs are considerably higher than what’s expected for the season, an outdated HVAC system might be the cause. If this is the case, you should replace it with something newer and better. The latest HVAC models, in fact, come with advanced features that allow them to operate at optimal efficiency.

4. Poor indoor air quality. An old and failing HVAC system not only leads to poor performance and significant energy loss, it can also negatively affect your building’s indoor air. You’ll need to contend with increased humidity levels and exposure to dust and mold spores. To keep your commercial property safer and healthier, have your HVAC system replaced immediately.

When it comes to high-quality commercial heating and air conditioning replacement, look no further than Custom Air Systems. You can expect a safe, worry-free process when you work with us. We proudly serve Manvel, TX, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (281) 489-1830 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.