6 Important Things to Do Before a Hurricane Hits

things to do before a hurricane hits

2020 has been a crazy year already, but scientists predict that there will be more large-scale hurricanes this year than average.

Hurricanes are intense storms with the power to permanently damage homes, leaving destruction in their path.

There are things to do before a hurricane hits to prepare each area of your house, but many people forget about their HVAC systems. This is the system that provides your air conditioning and heating throughout the year.

Read on to learn how to prepare your HVAC system to be hurricane ready.

1. Cool Off

During powerful storms, power outages are common. During a strong hurricane, your power could be out for days.

If you live in a hot state, your hurricane plan should include lowering your air conditioning temperature a few days before the hurricane hits. This way, even when the power goes out, your house will remain a comfortable temperature for longer.

2. Turn Your HVAC Off

Once the storm gets close, it’s time to turn your air conditioning system off. Otherwise, it can become a safety hazard during the storm or get damaged.

To ensure that it’s properly turned off, turn off all sources of power to the HVAC system. This means turning off electrical breakers for electrically-powered systems and turning off the gas supply for gas-powered systems.

3. Secure Your Units

Hurricane winds can reach anywhere from 74 to 150 mph, depending on the severity of the storm.

Even at the lower end of 74 mph, anything left outdoors can be blown away or displaced. That includes your HVAC system.

To properly prepare for a hurricane, make sure the outdoor unit for your system is secured in place. All bolts should be as tight as possible. It’s recommended that you get hurricane straps to hold it down.

4. Protect It From Debris

Powerful wind also causes hazardous debris to fly around outside during the storm. As a result, one of the most important things to do before a hurricane hits is to protect your home and HVAC system from flying tree branches and miscellaneous items.

You can do this by covering the unit with a tarp or plywood.

5. Prepare for Flooding

One of the defining features of a hurricane is the rain that comes with it. Flooding is not uncommon, so you’ll want to prepare your HVAC unit for this possibility as well.

Simply put the unit on a higher platform or area to protect it from water levels.

You should do the same with anything else you keep outside. Bring items into the home when you can.

6. Get It Inspected

Once you’ve made it through the hurricane, it’s important that you don’t turn on your HVAC system until it’s assessed for damage. Even if you follow the hurricane tips above, there’s always a chance of damage from debris, water, or wind. Some corrosion may occur on the inside and not be visible to you.

Having an HVAC maintenance professional inspect your unit will protect you from potentially dangerous conditions.

Make a Checklist of Things to Do Before a Hurricane Hits

Now that you know the things to do before a hurricane hits, make a checklist.

Having a checklist will prevent you from forgetting important steps when the time comes. Include ways to prepare your family, home, and HVAC unit.

If you’d like more information regarding the safety of your HVAC unit during a storm, contact us today.