A Basic Guide to Buying an Air Purifier for Your Home

Air purification systems are designed to keep indoor environments clean by sanitizing the air and getting rid of pollutants, allergens, toxins and other contaminants. Keep in mind that, while they’re not the ultimate solution for improving indoor air quality, choosing the right air purifier can still help you and your family breathe a little better and more easily.

In this blog, residential and commercial HVAC contractor Custom Air Systems provides a basic guide to buying an air purifier for your home.

The Size of the Space

When choosing the best air purification system for your home, you must first figure out how much space you want the equipment to clean. A small, portable unit won’t do its job effectively within a large living space, while a heavy-duty type may be too much for smaller rooms. Check the “air changes per hour” metric, which measures the unit’s filtration capacity.

Indoor Pollutants

The right air purifier is one that can filter out the pollutants found in your home’s indoor air. Most of them are similar across the board, but some are better at getting rid of dust and pet dander than smoke. HVAC repair pros recommend an air purifier with activated carbon if your home has odor problems.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

Another thing to consider when buying an air purifier is its clean air delivery rate, or CADR. Developed by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), it helps you compare products and how effective they are at filtering out airborne particles within a given room size. The higher the number, the more contaminants the unit can remove, and the larger the room it’s expected to clean.

At Custom Air Systems, we offer the following air purifier products from top manufacturer Carrier®:

  • Comfort™ EZ Flex Air Filter
  • Infinity® Air Purifier (Models: DGAPA, GAPAA, GAPAB)
  • Performance™ Air Purifier

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