Do You Need A Modulating Air Conditioner?

Air Conditioner

Getting a residential or commercial HVAC system is immediately considered a significant investment. This is the reason why ensuring you’ll get the best cooling equipment for your property is highly critical. People are often given options which include a single-stage air conditioner or a variable-speed AC. Here, we’ll delve into the possible reasons why you should choose a modulating unit for your purchase.

  • You’re too cold or too warm when sleeping. It’s important to note that when you have a fixed-speed system, you might get too warm or cold while you sleep, depending on if your AC is cycling on or off. With a modulating unit, you’ll experience longer and less intense airflow. This is also beneficial for keeping your living spaces at a more consistent, comfortable temperature, which also encourages better sleep.

  • You have humidity concerns. A variable-speed system is better equipped to run more consistently, resulting in more air being cycled through the system. HVAC repair experts note it allows for a more consistent indoor comfort level. They run at low speed and will continue to move a small amount of cool air even when the thermostat has reached the desired temperature.

  • You have cold spots at home. If you’ve noticed cold spots in your house, then you should consider getting a modulating unit. It will allow you to choose the specific temperature that you feel the most comfortable with without worrying about your spaces getting too cold.

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