How to Reset Your Air Conditioner After a Power Outage

Severe storms can result in power outages. These are usually fairly manageable, especially if it’s a common occurrence in your area. However, worry often arises if the power comes back on but your air conditioner doesn’t. In this case, make sure to follow the steps listed below that are recommended by AC and heating specialists.

Turn Off Your AC at the Thermostat

The first thing you need to do is to shut the system off at the thermostat. Look for the system switch on your thermostat and set it to the “off” position.

Turn Off Your AC at the Circuit Breaker

Next go to to your circuit breaker and do the same thing. Find the switch for your air conditioner and set it to “off.”

Turn Your AC Back On at the Circuit Breaker

Turn your air conditioning back on after a short while. You can do this by flipping the switch at your circuit breaker back to the “on” position.

Wait for 30 Minutes

The internal circuitry of your air conditioner will need some time to reset after it’s been turned on. This usually takes about 30 minutes, so wait it out before switching your air conditioner back on at the thermostat.

Turn Your AC Back On at the Thermostat

Once the 30 minutes has passed, turn your AC back on at the thermostat. If everything is fine and nothing was damaged during the power outage, your air conditioner should turn on successfully and start functioning.

If you’ve followed the steps above and your air conditioner won’t turn back on, give your local technician a call. It’s possible that a problem with one of the electrical components has occurred, so you might want to have your air conditioner checked by a professional.

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