HVAC System Requirements for Medical Facilities

Hospitals, clinics and medical offices often require a different approach to commercial heating and cooling applications than other facilities. These properties need to ensure the health, safety and comfort of patients, medical personnel and visitors. To better understand the HVAC design considerations in healthcare and medical facilities, here’s a brief guide.

What Do Medical Facilities Require?

In medical facilities, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems must be able to:

  • Filter and remove airborne contaminants and particulates that can trigger allergic reactions and other breathing problems.

  • Get rid of bacteria and other microorganisms that can spread infection.

  • Eliminate unpleasant smells.

In addition to these, HVAC systems must also provide conditions in which healing, patient treatment, laboratory work and other medical procedures can be performed safely and effectively.

Key Design Considerations

Here are the essential features to consider when designing an HVAC installation for a medical facility:

  • Temperature control. Patients recovering from health problems and medical operations deserve optimal thermal comfort, which makes temperature and climate control fundamental elements in HVAC applications. Facilities may also have different temperature requirements depending on the specific area. In addition, temperature control is important because it prevents the breakdown of specialized equipment, like MRI machines and lasers.

  • Filtration. Most times, patients are vulnerable to bacteria, viruses and other infections. A well-designed HVAC system can reduce the detrimental particles in indoor spaces by supplying clean, fresh air or recirculating air through high-efficiency filters.

  • Noise. In medical facilities, HVAC systems that produce low-frequency noise are extremely common. This helps maintain a quiet environment in which patients can heal and recover.

  • Maintenance. Preventive maintenance should also be performed on HVAC systems in medical buildings to prevent system breakdowns that can compromise the health of patients.

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