Using Your HVAC System to Alleviate Fall Allergy Symptoms

Allergies can put a damper on your enjoyment of some of the most pleasant weather of the year, and no, we’re not talking about spring. Fall allergies affect a lot of people, and to make things worse, cooler temperatures can reduce your immune system’s effectiveness.

Keeping your home’s indoor air quality in check is one of your best defenses against fall allergies, and your heating and cooling system plays an integral role in this. Here Custom Air Systems, your trusted residential and commercial HVAC contractor, explains how your home comfort equipment can help alleviate allergy symptoms this fall.

Ensuring a Clean Filter

Your HVAC filter’s job is to trap dust, pollen and other allergens floating around your house and causing allergies. Be sure to check your filter regularly to see if it needs to be cleaned or replaced. Doing so will help maintain indoor air quality and ensure the proper function and performance of your HVAC system. If your home is occupied by multiple people but there are no pets, change your filter every 90 days. Otherwise, you should change it at least every 30 to 45 days.

Keeping Your Air Ducts Clean

In addition to a regular heating and AC maintenance routine, the air ducts in your home need to be cleaned every once in a while. Tiny particles that pass through the air filter get stuck inside the ductwork and will accumulate over time if not addressed promptly. Experts recommend scheduling air duct cleaning every three to five years to ensure good indoor air quality while maintaining a cleaner home and increasing HVAC efficiency.

Controlling Relative Indoor Humidity

Ensuring proper levels of indoor humidity can help minimize the risks of allergies in the fall season. The air gets drier during the colder months, causing humidity levels to drop significantly. Thus, it makes sense to invest in a humidifier, which can be integrated into an existing HVAC system.

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