What Needs to Be On An HVAC Preventative Maintenance Checklist to Protect Your Health

hvac preventative maintenance checklist

Annual maintenance for your HVAC unit could save about 30% on your energy bill. At the same time, you’re reducing environmental emissions and keeping the area clean for your family. If you’re spending a lot of time at home, you’re going to want to make sure your HVAC unit is in tip-top shape!

With this HVAC preventative maintenance checklist, you can save money and protect your family. A properly working unit will keep the air in your home clean of pollen, germs, and dander.

Neglecting HVAC preventative maintenance, however, could leave you with a broken unit just as the summer temperatures roll in.

Give your HVAC unit the attention it needs with these four easy tips!

1. Switch the Filter

The first item on your HVAC preventative checklist is to check your filters.

Over time, your air filter will get clogged with airborne pollutants like dust and dander. If you have a pet at home, fur will collect against the filter as well. A dirty filter could make it more difficult for your unit to work properly.

When the filter is clogged, your HVAC unit has to use twice as much energy to function. As a result, it might get damaged or increase your energy bill.

Try to switch your filter out every 30 to 90 days. Try to avoid opening your windows as well, which will invite pollen, germs, and pollutants in.

You might want to buy a high-efficiency, pleated air filter for your unit. These filters feature a folded design, which makes them more effective at capturing small particles.

By replacing your filter regularly as part of your HVAC maintenance, you can keep the unit running at its best.

2. Look for Damage

Take a walk outside and make sure your HVAC system hasn’t sustained any damage over the season.

Look for cracks, dents, and electrical issues. If you notice an electrical problem, make sure to call a professional right away. You’ll want to avoid getting shocked or causing more damage to the unit.

Using this HVAC preventative maintenance checklist can improve your HVAC unit’s lifespan by over 15 years. Make sure to use these tips during the fall and spring seasons before more extreme weather hits.

3. Clean the Unit

It’s also important to clean the exterior unit. As the seasons change, falling leaves, grass blades, and debris can collect around the unit. The debris could block the unit’s airflow, causing problems.

Make sure to clean away any grass, pollen, or sticks around the unit. Use a water hose to make sure it’s fully clean.

4. Check the Parts

Take a look at your HVAC unit’s smaller parts. Check the fan, blower motor, ducts, and safety control. Look for leaks as well.

If you notice major damages, you might need an HVAC technician to make repairs.

Protect Your Health and Home: Your Essential HVAC Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Clear the air to keep yourself and your family safe and sound. With this HVAC preventative maintenance checklist, you can ensure your unit is running at its best. The better your unit is running, the better for your entire family!

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