Why Does Your Heat Pump Run Constantly During Cold Weather?

Heat pumps work by transferring heat out of your house on hotter days and transferring it into your home on colder ones. When it’s extremely cold out, your heat pump may struggle to reach the desired temperature in your home, so it will run constantly. But if outside temperatures aren’t that cold, yet the unit is still running, this might indicate an underlying issue. Custom Air Systems, one of the trusted residential and commercial HVAC companies in the area, shares some possible reasons for this below.


heat pump, shut off


Clogged air filterDust and debris tend to settle inside the system’s air filter over time, leading to blockages that can severely hamper the way your heat pump draws hot air into your home. This is one common reason your heat pump may run constantly on cold days. Thus you should make sure to replace the air filter at least once a month.


Incorrect sizingAn undersized heat pump will struggle to heat your home in cold weather. You’ll know because it will run overtime in order to bring your home to the desired temperature–or try, anyway. The result is extra strain on the heat pump and higher energy costs. That’s why it always pays to invest in a heat pump that’s just the right size for your home. When you work with a premier HVAC repair and installation company like Custom Air Systems, you can be sure that we’ll install a system that’s specifically sized to work with your available living space.


Refrigerant leaksA more serious reason in this case is refrigerant leaks. A heat pump must have the right level of refrigerant in order to heat your home properly and efficiently. When it falls below this threshold due to a leak, it won’t be able to move enough heat into your home, causing the system to work longer and harder than necessary to achieve the desired temperature. To confirm whether your heat pump has a refrigerant leak, have Custom Air Systems perform a comprehensive checkup of the system.


When it comes to smooth, stress-free heating repair or AC maintenance, Custom Air Systems definitely delivers. We’ll make sure your heat pump runs properly and efficiently no matter the weather with our high-quality solutions. We proudly serve Manvel, TX, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (281) 489-1830 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.