Why Is Undercharging Bad For Your Air Conditioner?

Are you aware that refrigerant is designed to change from a liquid to a gas to absorb and release heat? Through this process, the heat from inside your house is removed while ensuring your space cools down. But what happens if your air conditioning system is undercharged? We talk you through this dilemma in detail here.

  • Low refrigerant levels are known to be caused by leaks along the refrigerant line or in your AC’s compressor. It’s not likely that you’ll notice any refrigerant dripping from your unit because refrigerant evaporates as it leaks out. Rather, you’ll probably see frost forming over the indoor coils first. This is because the low refrigerant charge won’t be enough to warm up the evaporator coil. When this happens, the remaining refrigerant gets too cold, prompting moisture to freeze on the coil.

  • Understand that low refrigerant levels affect the cooling ability of HVAC systems and can immediately lead to breakdowns and even premature failure. To avoid spending money on repairs or a new HVAC installation, have your system regularly inspected and recharged by your trusted air conditioning technician.

If you notice a rise in indoor humidity, a drop in cooling ability or a frozen evaporator coil, call a professional. Experts note only licensed technicians can do the job of first sealing up the leaks in the unit’s refrigerant lines and then restoring refrigerant to the system. Moreover, refrigerant is a harmful substance, and only people with a special certification are permitted to handle and dispose of it.

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